AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-01Update bcachefs sources to 343f851167 btree root repair: fix comparison functionbtree_root_fixKent Overstreet
2022-02-28kernel shim: include sort_rKent Overstreet
2022-02-28Update bcachefs sources to 672594a629 btree root repair: fix comparison functionKent Overstreet
2022-02-25Update bcachefs sources to 9f464452ed btree root repair: try reading btree no...Kent Overstreet
2022-02-24Update bcachefs sources to e77990884d bcachefs: Spin up one btree node reader...Kent Overstreet
2022-02-23Update bcachefs sources to 1acdf15bc4 bcachefs: Repair code for missing btree...Kent Overstreet
2022-02-22Update bcachefs sources to 9b3aa5ec6c bcachefs: Add tabstops to printbufsKent Overstreet
2022-02-21Update bcachefs sources to 9d554fa16d bcachefs: Add .to_text() methods for al...Kent Overstreet
2022-02-19list_journal: tell recovery to only read the journalKent Overstreet
2022-02-19Update bcachefs sources to 7d0925084b bcachefs: opts.read_journal_onlyKent Overstreet
2022-02-19list_journal: Improve formattingKent Overstreet
2022-02-19list_journal: also print where entries were writtenKent Overstreet
2022-02-19Update bcachefs sources to da8056a215 bcachefs: Store logical location of jou...Kent Overstreet
2022-02-18Switch to pthread_mutex_t for spinlocks, tooKent Overstreet
2022-02-16Update bcachefs sources to cea583fa17 bcachefs: Only mark iterators nopreserv...Kent Overstreet
2022-02-16Use printbuf_indent_pushKent Overstreet
2022-02-16Update bcachefs sources to a0d7001b0f bcachefs: Change bch2_dev_lookup() to n...Kent Overstreet
2022-02-13Update bcachefs sources to ba398d2906 bcachefs: Fix reflink repair codeKent Overstreet
2022-02-11Update bcachefs sources to b84661c042 bcachefs: Fix reflink repair codeKent Overstreet
2022-01-13Fix heap corruption in bcachefs formatWessel Dankers
2022-01-12Makefile: We need to exclude hidden foldersDaniel B. Hill
2022-01-10Update bcachefs sources to bf340e68c7 bcachefs: Ignore cached data when calcu...Kent Overstreet
2022-01-10Fix makefile for building docsKent Overstreet
2022-01-05Update bcachefs sources to 5242db9aec bcachefs: Fix bch2_check_fix_ptrs()Kent Overstreet
2022-01-04Update bcachefs sources to 50ac18afbb bcachefs: Fix an uninitialized variableKent Overstreet
2022-01-02Update bcachefs sources to 90d824456e bcachefs: Improve path for when btree_g...Kent Overstreet
2022-01-01Update bcachefs sources to aa439f3b94 bcachefs: btree_gc no longer uses main ...Kent Overstreet
2022-01-01Update bcachefs sources to 42284b8b2b bcachefs: Fix race between btree update...Kent Overstreet
2022-01-01Improve the list_journal subcommandKent Overstreet
2022-01-01Update bcachefs sources to 9d28e4a535 bcachefs: bch2_journal_entry_to_text()Kent Overstreet
2022-01-01Update bcachefs sources to 916d92b6b4 bcachefs: Add error messages for memory...Kent Overstreet
2022-01-01Retry memory allocation failuresKent Overstreet
2022-01-01fix labels not applyingDaniel B. Hill
2022-01-01Unit handling cleanupsKent Overstreet
2021-12-28Update bcachefs sources to 078a1a596a bcachefs: Optimize bucket reuseKent Overstreet
2021-12-28Update manpage to follow --label and --compression updatesIgor Velkov
2021-12-25Update bcachefs sources to f9d2e809a8 bcachefs: Turn encoded_extent_max into ...Kent Overstreet
2021-12-25Update bcachefs sources to aa540d47ab bcachefs: Option improvementsKent Overstreet
2021-12-21Update bcachefs sources to d3422f9b18 bcachefs: Journal initialization fixesKent Overstreet
2021-12-20Fix migrate tool for snapshotsKent Overstreet
2021-12-20Delete old bcachefs.5 from makefileKent Overstreet
2021-12-19fix init_layout()Kent Overstreet
2021-12-19Update bcachefs sources to ff3a76e1af bcachefs: Change need_whiteout_for_snap...Kent Overstreet
2021-12-14Update bcachefs sources to 635ca475f4 bcachefs: Fix debug build in userspaceKent Overstreet
2021-12-13Rename group to label in show-super outputKent Overstreet
2021-12-11Update bcachefs sources to 6bb1ba5c94 bcachefs: Improve alloc_mem_to_key()Kent Overstreet
2021-12-10Fix device add for kernel sysfs changesKent Overstreet
2021-12-10Rename --group to --labelKent Overstreet
2021-11-30Update bcachefs sources to 50d6a25d9c bcachefs: Erasure coding fixesKent Overstreet
2021-11-21Update bcachefs sources to 4c24a1cf56 bcachefs: Fix BCH_FS_ERROR flag handlingKent Overstreet