AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-28Update bcachefs sources to cb8f72ac24 bcachefs: Fix bch2_btree_cache_scan()compatKent Overstreet
2021-12-28Update bcachefs sources to ddd56385a0 bcachefs: Add a mempool for the replica...Kent Overstreet
2021-12-27Update bcachefs sources to 0419f0212f bcachefs: Start journal reclaim thread ...Kent Overstreet
2021-12-27Add a real mempool implementationKent Overstreet
2021-04-18check that keys are in the correct treesKent Overstreet
2021-04-16Update bcachefs sources to ab25bbffc4 bcachefs: Don't drop ptrs to btree nodesKent Overstreet
2021-04-16Update bcachefs sources to 70e51c774d bcachefs: Fix a use-after-free in bch2_...Kent Overstreet
2021-04-16Update bcachefs sources to 31c83025b2 bcachefs: Bring back metadata only gcKent Overstreet
2021-04-09Add --force-if-data-lost to bcachefs device set-stateKent Overstreet
2021-04-04Add compatible feature bits to bch2_sb_print()Kent Overstreet
2021-04-04Update bcachefs sources to 8eb434efa5 bcachefs: Use x-macros for compat featu...Kent Overstreet
2021-03-31If we failed to read /proc/meminfo, just run the shrinkers.Kent Overstreet
2021-03-24Update bcachefs sources to dbcaa00a74 bcachefs: Fix some (spurious) warnings ...Kent Overstreet
2021-03-16New data job commandKent Overstreet
2021-03-16Update bcachefs sources to 56801d333d bcachefs: Add code to scann for/rewite ...Kent Overstreet
2021-02-24fooKent Overstreet
2021-02-24Update bcachefs sources to c7d3258d63 bcachefs: Extents may now cross btree n...Kent Overstreet
2021-02-24Don't die in kthread_create()Kent Overstreet
2021-02-20Update bcachefs sources to e2b8120595 bcachefs: Use x-macros for more enumsKent Overstreet
2021-02-20Update bcachefs sources to 9b77e72c47 bcachefs: Extents may now cross btree n...Kent Overstreet
2021-02-19Update bcachefs sources to dfb7dc100d bcachefs: Drop invalid stripe ptrs in fsckKent Overstreet
2021-02-17Merge pull request #43 from jpsollie/koverstreet_versionkoverstreet
2021-02-16Merge pull request #16 from koverstreet/masterjpsollie
2021-02-12Update bcachefs sources to 199bfbed8a lib/generic-radix-tree.c: Don't overflo...Kent Overstreet
2021-02-12generix radix trees: Don't overflow in peek()Kent Overstreet
2021-02-12Update bcachefs sources to 5e73602f6c bcachefs: Fix for fsck hangingKent Overstreet
2021-02-12Add metadata_target functionalityjpsollie
2021-02-03Update bcachefs sources to 79847e4824 bcachefs: Fixes/improvements for journa...Kent Overstreet
2021-02-02Update bcachefs sources to 26409a8f75 bcachefs: Journal updates to dev usageKent Overstreet
2021-01-29Update bcachefs sources to ea3414eed5 fixup! bcachefs: Improve diagnostics wh...Kent Overstreet
2021-01-28Update bcachefs sources to bee34d805c bcachefs: Repair bad data pointersKent Overstreet
2021-01-26Update bcachefs sources to ffc900d593 fixup! bcachefs: Mark superblocks trans...Kent Overstreet
2021-01-26Add device index to show-superKent Overstreet
2021-01-25Update bcachefs sources to 313b24b652 bcachefs: Fix an assertionKent Overstreet
2021-01-15Ensure fields don't collide in bcachefs fs usageKent Overstreet
2021-01-15Update bcachefs sources to 7d57e9b703 bcachefs: Run jset_validate in write pa...Kent Overstreet
2021-01-15Update bcachefs sources to bb2281735c bcachefs: Factor out bch2_ec_stripes_he...Kent Overstreet
2021-01-12Update bcachefs sources to 93347f7162 bcachefs: Add btree node prefetching to...Kent Overstreet
2021-01-12Don't use mlockall()Kent Overstreet
2021-01-08Update bcachefs sources to fcf8a0889c bcachefs: bch2_alloc_write() should be ...Kent Overstreet
2021-01-05Fix bcachefs device remove --by-idKent Overstreet
2020-12-19Update bcachefs sources to 5241335413 bcachefs: Fix for spinning in journal r...Kent Overstreet
2020-12-04Update bcachefs sources to e1d0fb8c5f bcachefs: Don't require flush/fua on ev...Kent Overstreet
2020-12-03Ensure we always print a message if fsck doesnt't return 0Kent Overstreet
2020-12-03Update bcachefs sources to 0010403265 bcachefs: Fix spurious alloc errors on ...Kent Overstreet
2020-11-30Update bcachefs sources to 021e62a098 bcachefs: Fix error in filesystem initi...Kent Overstreet
2020-11-17Add a subcommand for resizing the journalKent Overstreet
2020-11-17Update bcachefs sources to b1107114ca bcachefs: Add an ioctl for resizing jou...Kent Overstreet
2020-11-16Update bcachefs sources to d1fd471830 bcachefs: Add more debug checksKent Overstreet
2020-11-16Round up aligned_alloc() allocationsKent Overstreet