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# "The COW filesystem for Linux that won't eat your data".
Bcachefs is an advanced new filesystem for Linux, with an emphasis on
-reliability and robustness. It has a long list of features, completed or in
+reliability and robustness and the complete set of features one would expect
+from a modern filesystem.
* Copy on write (COW) - like zfs or btrfs
* Full data and metadata checksumming
-* Multiple devices, including replication and other types of RAID
+* Multiple devices
+* Replication
+* Erasure coding (only feature not quite stable)
* Caching
* Compression
* Encryption
@@ -70,9 +72,7 @@ See `bcachefs format --help` for more options.
## Documentation
-End user documentation is currently fairly minimal; this would be a very helpful
-area for anyone who wishes to contribute - I would like the bcache man page in
-the bcachefs-tools repository to be rewritten and expanded.
+We now have a user manual: [[bcachefs-principles-of-operation.pdf]]
## Status
@@ -83,18 +83,6 @@ It's been passing all xfstests for well over a year, and serious bugs are rare
at this point. However, given that it's still under active development backups
are a good idea.
-Performance is generally quite good - generally faster than btrfs, and not far
-behind xfs/ext4. On metadata intensive benchmarks, it's often considerably
-faster than xfs/ext4/btrfs.
-Normal posix filesystem functionality is all finished - if you're using bcachefs
-as a replacement for ext4 on a desktop, you shouldn't find anything missing. For
-servers, NFS export support is still missing (but coming soon) and we don't yet
-support quotas (probably further off).
-Until bcachefs goes upstream I reserve the right to change the on disk format if
-necessary, but I'm not expecting any more incompatible disk format changes.
### Feature status
- Full data checksumming
@@ -120,9 +108,6 @@ necessary, but I'm not expecting any more incompatible disk format changes.
asynchronously, and the hot subset of which is copied to the promote devices
for performance.
- Basic caching functionality works, but it's not (yet) as configurable as
- bcache's caching (e.g. you can't specify writethrough caching).
- Replication (i.e. RAID1/10)
Done - you can yank out a disk while a filesystem is in use and it'll keep
@@ -131,8 +116,7 @@ necessary, but I'm not expecting any more incompatible disk format changes.
- Erasure coding
- Mostly done, but not quite usable yet. We still need a stripe level
- compaction path.
+ Not quite stable
- [[Encryption]]
@@ -142,18 +126,4 @@ necessary, but I'm not expecting any more incompatible disk format changes.
- Snapshots
- Snapshot implementation has been started, but snapshots are by far the most
- complex of the remaining features to implement - it's going to be quite
- awhile before I can dedicate enough time to finishing them, but I'm very much
- looking forward to showing off what it'll be able to do.
-### Known issues/caveats
- - Mount time
- We currently walk all metadata at mount time (multiple times, in fact) - on
- flash this shouldn't even be noticeable unless your filesystem is very large,
- but on rotating disk expect mount times to be slow.
- This will be addressed in the future - mount times will likely be the next
- big push after the next big batch of on disk format changes.
+ Done, still shaking out a few bugs