BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
9p_mempool9p: Add mempools for RPCsKent Overstreet37 hours
bcache-journal_fixChanges for backport of patch to testNikhil Kshirsagar3 weeks
bcachefs-5.17bcachefs: bch2_trans_reset_updates()Kent Overstreet5 weeks
bcachefs-testinguuid, vsprintf: prt_uuid() helpersKent Overstreet12 days
folio_iter_batchedfilemap: for_each_folio_batched()Kent Overstreet4 weeks
master9p: Add mempools for RPCsKent Overstreet37 hours
printbuf_v3Delete seq_bufKent Overstreet4 weeks
printbuf_v3_bcachefsbcachefs: Convert to lib/printbuf.cKent Overstreet4 weeks
printbuf_v4Delete seq_bufKent Overstreet2 weeks
woob-debugdebug tracingKent Overstreet4 weeks
folio-5.19commit 516edb456f...Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)6 weeks
v5.18commit 4b0986a361...Linus Torvalds6 weeks
v5.18-rc7commit 42226c9897...Linus Torvalds7 weeks
v5.18-rc6commit c5eb0a6123...Linus Torvalds8 weeks
folio-5.18fcommit b9ff43dd27...Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)9 weeks
v5.18-rc5commit 672c0c5173...Linus Torvalds2 months
v5.18-rc4commit af2d861d4c...Linus Torvalds2 months
v5.18-rc3commit b2d229d4dd...Linus Torvalds3 months
v5.18-rc2commit ce522ba9ef...Linus Torvalds3 months
folio-5.18ecommit 98ea02597b...Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
37 hours9p: Add mempools for RPCsHEADmasterKent Overstreet
38 hours9p: Add client parameter to p9_req_put()Kent Overstreet
38 hours9p: Drop kref usageKent Overstreet
6 daysbcachefs: Fix move path when move_stats == NULLKent Overstreet
8 daysbcachefs: Fix bch2_check_alloc_key()Kent Overstreet
8 daysbcachefs: Improve bch2_check_alloc_infoKent Overstreet
8 daysbcachefs: Use BTREE_INSERT_LAZY_RW in bch2_check_alloc_info()Kent Overstreet
8 daysbcachefs: Make "failed to evacuate bucket" a fatal errorKent Overstreet
8 daysbcachefs: Silence spurious "failed to evacuate bucket" errorsKent Overstreet
8 daysbcachefs: Bucket invalidate path improvementsKent Overstreet