AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-14strgrp: Fix compile errors in exampleHEADmasterDavid Gibson
2015-09-13mem: Add memswap() functionDavid Gibson
2015-09-13mem: Add function to check whether memory ranges overlapDavid Gibson
2015-09-13mem: Remove array_size dependencyDavid Gibson
2015-09-12strgrp: Tidy up kerneldoc in _infoAndrew Jeffery
2015-09-10strgrp: Optionally include OpenMP pragmaAndrew Jeffery
2015-09-10ccanlint: Add cflags support to _infoAndrew Jeffery
2015-09-09configurator: Add OpenMP detectionAndrew Jeffery
2015-09-09strgrp: new moduleAndrew Jeffery
2015-09-07mem: add memends_str() helper for symmetryCody P Schafer
2015-09-07mem: mark all functions as PURECody P Schafer
2015-09-07bytestring: use newly added mem helpersCody P Schafer
2015-09-07mem: add mem helper functionsCody P Schafer
2015-08-20array_size: fix spurious test fail with gcc-5Rusty Russell
2015-08-20pr_log: a new module that provides a simple run-time controlled logging inter...Cody P Schafer
2015-08-19list: suppress unused argument warningsCody P Schafer
2015-08-19configurator: avoid potential unused parameter warnings hosing our config.hCody P Schafer
2015-08-19configurator: sometimes _GNU_SOURCE is already defined, in those cases avoid ...Cody P Schafer
2015-08-19configurator: hide type punningCody P Schafer
2015-08-18bytestring: Add rational comment to testcaseDavid Gibson
2015-08-18bytestring: avoid compile_fail failure due to uninitialized warningCody P Schafer
2015-08-17talloc: avoid a comparison mismatch & at the same time switch to non-legacy s...Cody P Schafer
2015-08-17configurator: avoid leaks that LeakSanitizer doesn't likeCody P Schafer
2015-08-15cpuid: update inline docsA. Samy
2015-08-15cpuid: use a hardcoded constant when comparing CPU namesA. Samy
2015-08-14cpuid: fix test.Rusty Russell
2015-08-12cpuid: namespacize some functions and define them as null if unsupportedA. Samy
2015-08-12cpuid: cpuid_write_info(): have outfile a file pointer insteadA. Samy
2015-08-12cpuid: rename ___cpuid to get_cpuidA. Samy
2015-08-12cpuid: minor clean upA. Samy
2015-08-12Makefile-ccan: add new modules.Rusty Russell
2015-08-02agar: Re-entrant Abstract Graph AlgorithmsDavid Gibson
2015-08-02aga: Add lazytrie testcaseDavid Gibson
2015-08-02aga: Testcase for attempt to run concurrent algorithmsDavid Gibson
2015-08-02aga: Breadth first searchDavid Gibson
2015-08-02aga: Depth first searchDavid Gibson
2015-08-02aga: Simple test graphsDavid Gibson
2015-08-02aga: Abstract Graph AlgorithmsDavid Gibson
2015-07-30daemonize: check setsid() return valueMaxim Zakharov
2015-07-30daemonize: exit parent without triggering atexit() processingMaxim Zakharov
2015-07-20short_types: Fix warning in testJoel Stanley
2015-07-09tools/modfiles: include _info (unless requested not to)Rusty Russell
2015-07-09tools/create-ccan-tree: clean up modfiles binary after use.Rusty Russell
2015-07-09tools/create-ccan-tree: fix nested modules with -aRusty Russell
2015-07-09tools/modfiles: list files in a module.Rusty Russell
2015-07-09tools: include LICENSE file in manifest.Rusty Russell
2015-07-09tools: don't include submodules in manifest.Rusty Russell
2015-07-09crypto/sha256: add license file for intel code in benchmarks/Rusty Russell
2015-07-08Makefile-ccan: add order to MOD list.Rusty Russell
2015-07-08crypto/ripemd160: new module.Rusty Russell