BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bcache-continue-on-btree-node-errorbcache: continue on btree node error (hopefully)Kent Overstreet6 years
bcache-dev-februarybcache: Validate bkey formatKent Overstreet8 years
bcache-dev-wiprework allocator round robiningKent Overstreet6 years
bcache-transactionstransactional fcollapseKent Overstreet6 years
bcache-vmalloc-fallbackbcache: add a vmalloc fallback for bucket size allocationsKent Overstreet6 years
bcache_uuid_debugbcache: add interfaces for manually fixing uuid entriesKent Overstreet6 years
bcachefs-v0bcache: fix a minor bug in journal read pathKent Overstreet5 years
pagecache_iterradix-tree: kill radix_tree_gang_lookup_slot()Kent Overstreet6 years
pagecache_iter-4.6radix-tree: kill radix_tree_gang_lookup_slot()Kent Overstreet6 years
treebitvecbcache: treebitvec thingKent Overstreet6 years
v4.13commit 569dbb88e8...Linus Torvalds5 years
v4.13-rc7commit cc4a41fe55...Linus Torvalds5 years
v4.13-rc6commit 14ccee78fc...Linus Torvalds5 years
v4.13-rc5commit ef954844c7...Linus Torvalds5 years
v4.13-rc4commit aae4e7a8bc...Linus Torvalds5 years
v4.13-rc3commit 16f73eb02d...Linus Torvalds5 years
v4.13-rc2commit 520eccdfe1...Linus Torvalds5 years
libnvdimm-fixes-4.13-rc2commit bbb3be170a...Dan Williams5 years
v4.13-rc1commit 5771a8c088...Linus Torvalds5 years
libnvdimm-for-4.13commit 9d92573fff...Dan Williams5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-12-12bcache: treebitvec thingtreebitvecKent Overstreet
2016-12-12bcache: don't flush journal unnecessarilyKent Overstreet
2016-12-12bcache: short circuit bch_prio_write() and journal flush when possibleKent Overstreet
2016-12-12bcache: add field to superblock for maximum journal entry sizeKent Overstreet
2016-12-12block: add sysfs entry for fua supportKent Overstreet
2016-12-12bcache: Refactor write path to not split bios unnecessarilyKent Overstreet
2016-12-11lz4: return amount of data we were able to compress on failureKent Overstreet
2016-12-11bcache: stash journal entry sequence number in struct journal_resKent Overstreet
2016-12-11bcache: cancel journal write timer when doing journal writeKent Overstreet
2016-12-11bcache: fix journal bug with prio_bucketsKent Overstreet