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[PATCH] Add kernel<->userspace ABI stability documentation
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+What: The kernel syscall interface
+ This interface matches much of the POSIX interface and is based
+ on it and other Unix based interfaces. It will only be added to
+ over time, and not have things removed from it.
+ Note that this interface is different for every architecture
+ that Linux supports. Please see the architecture-specific
+ documentation for details on the syscall numbers that are to be
+ mapped to each syscall.
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+What: /sys/module
+ The /sys/module tree consists of the following structure:
+ /sys/module/MODULENAME
+ The name of the module that is in the kernel. This
+ module name will show up either if the module is built
+ directly into the kernel, or if it is loaded as a
+ dyanmic module.
+ /sys/module/MODULENAME/parameters
+ This directory contains individual files that are each
+ individual parameters of the module that are able to be
+ changed at runtime. See the individual module
+ documentation as to the contents of these parameters and
+ what they accomplish.
+ Note: The individual parameter names and values are not
+ considered stable, only the fact that they will be
+ placed in this location within sysfs. See the
+ individual driver documentation for details as to the
+ stability of the different parameters.
+ /sys/module/MODULENAME/refcnt
+ If the module is able to be unloaded from the kernel, this file
+ will contain the current reference count of the module.
+ Note: If the module is built into the kernel, or if the
+ CONFIG_MODULE_UNLOAD kernel configuration value is not enabled,
+ this file will not be present.