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+Linux kernel developers take security very seriously. As such, we'd
+like to know when a security bug is found so that it can be fixed and
+disclosed as quickly as possible. Please report security bugs to the
+Linux kernel security team.
+1) Contact
+The Linux kernel security team can be contacted by email at
+<>. This is a private list of security officers
+who will help verify the bug report and develop and release a fix.
+It is possible that the security team will bring in extra help from
+area maintainers to understand and fix the security vulnerability.
+As it is with any bug, the more information provided the easier it
+will be to diagnose and fix. Please review the procedure outlined in
+REPORTING-BUGS if you are unclear about what information is helpful.
+Any exploit code is very helpful and will not be released without
+consent from the reporter unless it has already been made public.
+2) Disclosure
+The goal of the Linux kernel security team is to work with the
+bug submitter to bug resolution as well as disclosure. We prefer
+to fully disclose the bug as soon as possible. It is reasonable to
+delay disclosure when the bug or the fix is not yet fully understood,
+the solution is not well-tested or for vendor coordination. However, we
+expect these delays to be short, measurable in days, not weeks or months.
+A disclosure date is negotiated by the security team working with the
+bug submitter as well as vendors. However, the kernel security team
+holds the final say when setting a disclosure date. The timeframe for
+disclosure is from immediate (esp. if it's already publically known)
+to a few weeks. As a basic default policy, we expect report date to
+disclosure date to be on the order of 7 days.
+3) Non-disclosure agreements
+The Linux kernel security team is not a formal body and therefore unable
+to enter any non-disclosure agreements.