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kmemcheck: update documentation
The download instructions are no longer needed since kmemcheck was included in mainline. Signed-off-by: Vegard Nossum <>
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1. Downloading
-kmemcheck can only be downloaded using git. If you want to write patches
-against the current code, you should use the kmemcheck development branch of
-the tip tree. It is also possible to use the linux-next tree, which also
-includes the latest version of kmemcheck.
-Assuming that you've already cloned the linux-2.6.git repository, all you
-have to do is add the -tip tree as a remote, like this:
- $ git remote add tip git://
-To actually download the tree, fetch the remote:
- $ git fetch tip
-And to check out a new local branch with the kmemcheck code:
- $ git checkout -b kmemcheck tip/kmemcheck
-General instructions for the -tip tree can be found here:
+As of version 2.6.31-rc1, kmemcheck is included in the mainline kernel.
2. Configuring and compiling