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Each HPET has one fixed-rate counter (at 10+ MHz, hence "High Precision")
and up to 32 comparators. Normally three or more comparators are provided,
-each of which can generate oneshot interupts and at least one of which has
+each of which can generate oneshot interrupts and at least one of which has
additional hardware to support periodic interrupts. The comparators are
also called "timers", which can be misleading since usually timers are
independent of each other ... these share a counter, complicating resets.
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The first column is the number of events, the second column the pid, the third
column is the name of the process. The forth column shows the function which
-initialized the timer and in parantheses the callback function which was
+initialized the timer and in parenthesis the callback function which was
executed on expiry.
Thomas, Ingo