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What: /sys/module/hid_logitech/drivers/hid:logitech/<dev>/range.
Date: July 2011
KernelVersion: 3.2
-Contact: Michal Malư <>
+Contact: Michal MalĂ½ <>
Description: Display minimum, maximum and current range of the steering
wheel. Writing a value within min and max boundaries sets the
range of the wheel.
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@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ II. Credits
Benjamin Herrenschmidt (IBM?) started this work when he discussed such design
with the Xorg community in 2005 [1, 2]. In the end of 2007, Paulo Zanoni and
-Tiago Vignatti (both of C3SL/Federal University of Paraná) proceeded his work
+Tiago Vignatti (both of C3SL/Federal University of ParanĂ¡) proceeded his work
enhancing the kernel code to adapt as a kernel module and also did the
implementation of the user space side [3]. Now (2009) Tiago Vignatti and Dave
Airlie finally put this work in shape and queued to Jesse Barnes' PCI tree.