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@@ -546,15 +546,7 @@ config AUDIT
logging of avc messages output). Does not do system-call
auditing without CONFIG_AUDITSYSCALL.
-Features that might still be considered unstable should be defined as
-dependent on "EXPERIMENTAL":
-config SLUB
- bool "SLUB (Unqueued Allocator)"
- ...
-while seriously dangerous features (such as write support for certain
+Seriously dangerous features (such as write support for certain
filesystems) should advertise this prominently in their prompt string:
config ADFS_FS_RW
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@@ -1185,13 +1185,6 @@ static struct block_device_operations opt_fops = {
- You may well want to make your CONFIG option only visible if
- <symbol>CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL</symbol> is enabled: this serves as a
- warning to users. There many other fancy things you can do: see
- the various <filename>Kconfig</filename> files for ideas.
- </para>
- <para>
In your description of the option, make sure you address both the
expert user and the user who knows nothing about your feature. Mention
incompatibilities and issues here. <emphasis> Definitely
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@@ -94,10 +94,8 @@
<sect1 id="CompileKGDB">
<title>Kernel config options for kgdb</title>
- To enable <symbol>CONFIG_KGDB</symbol> you should first turn on
- "Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers"
- (CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL) in "General setup", then under the
- "Kernel debugging" select "KGDB: kernel debugger".
+ To enable <symbol>CONFIG_KGDB</symbol> you should look under
+ "Kernel debugging" and select "KGDB: kernel debugger".
While it is not a hard requirement that you have symbols in your
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@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@ grub.conf needs to be modified as follows:
The kernel option for enabling Intel TXT support is found under the
Security top-level menu and is called "Enable Intel(R) Trusted
-Execution Technology (TXT)". It is marked as EXPERIMENTAL and
+Execution Technology (TXT)". It is considered EXPERIMENTAL and
depends on the generic x86 support (to allow maximum flexibility in
kernel build options), since the tboot code will detect whether the
platform actually supports Intel TXT and thus whether any of the
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@@ -462,13 +462,6 @@ config AUDIT
logging of avc messages output). Does not do system-call
auditing without CONFIG_AUDITSYSCALL.
-config SLUB
- bool "SLUB (Unqueued Allocator)"
- ...