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tag date2016-07-27 18:51:35 -0700
tagged byDan Williams <>
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libnvdimm for 4.8
1/ Replace pcommit with ADR / directed-flushing: The pcommit instruction, which has not shipped on any product, is deprecated. Instead, the requirement is that platforms implement either ADR, or provide one or more flush addresses per nvdimm. ADR (Asynchronous DRAM Refresh) flushes data in posted write buffers to the memory controller on a power-fail event. Flush addresses are defined in ACPI 6.x as an NVDIMM Firmware Interface Table (NFIT) sub-structure: "Flush Hint Address Structure". A flush hint is an mmio address that when written and fenced assures that all previous posted writes targeting a given dimm have been flushed to media. 2/ On-demand ARS (address range scrub): Linux uses the results of the ACPI ARS commands to track bad blocks in pmem devices. When latent errors are detected we re-scrub the media to refresh the bad block list, userspace can also request a re-scrub at any time. 3/ Support for the Microsoft DSM (device specific method) command format. 4/ Support for EDK2/OVMF virtual disk device memory ranges. 5/ Various fixes and cleanups across the subsystem. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJXmXBsAAoJEB7SkWpmfYgCEwwP/1IOt9ocP+iHLMDH9KE7VaTZ NmUDR+Zy6g5cRQM7SgcuU5BXUcx+OsSrSrUTVF1cW994o9Gbz1mFotkv0ZAsPcYY ZVRQxo2oqHrssyOcg+PsgKWiXn68rJOCgmpEyzaJywl5qTMst7pzsT1s1f7rSh6h trCf4VaJJwxZR8fARGtlHUnnhPe2Orp99EZRKEWprAsIv2kPuWpPHSjRjuEgN1JG KW8AYwWqFTtiLRUk86I4KBB0wcDrfctsjgN9Ogd6+aHyQBRnVSr2U+vDCFkC8KLu qiDCpYp+yyxBjclnljz7tRRT3GtzfCUWd4v2KVWqgg2IaobUc0Lbukp/rmikUXQP WLikT2OCQ994eFK5OX3Q3cIU/4j459TQnof8q14yVSpjAKrNUXVSR5puN7Hxa+V7 41wKrAsnsyY1oq+Yd/rMR8VfH7PHx3bFkrmRCGZCufLX1UQm4aYj+sWagDKiV3yA DiudghbOnhfurfGsnXUVw7y7GKs+gNWNBmB6ndAD6ZEHmKoGUhAEbJDLCc3DnANl b/2mv1MIdIcC1DlCmnbbcn6fv6bICe/r8poK3VrCK3UgOq/EOvKIWl7giP+k1JuC 6DdVYhlNYIVFXUNSLFAwz8OkLu8byx7WDm36iEqrKHtPw+8qa/2bWVgOU6OBgpjV cN3edFVIdxvZeMgM5Ubq =xCBG -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----