AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysMake sure to pass -t $FSTYP to mountHEADmasterKent Overstreet
6 daysDump seqres.full on test failureKent Overstreet
6 daysAdd ktest style markers for test starting and finishingKent Overstreet
6 daysDisable a few tests on bcachefsKent Overstreet
6 daysgeneric/103: increase reserved bytes for bcachefsDan Robertson
6 daysAdd bcachefs/001 for pagecache_add lock deadlock torture testKent Overstreet
6 daysgeneric/558: hack for bcachefsKent Overstreet
6 daysgeneric/{455,457,482}: make dmlogwrites tests work on bcachefsKent Overstreet
6 dayscheck: Add -f: failfast modeKent Overstreet
6 daysgeneric/042: pass -t to mountKent Overstreet
2022-09-04vfs: Add new setgid_create_acl testv2022.09.04Yang Xu
2022-09-04vfs: Add new setgid_create_umask testYang Xu
2022-09-04common: filter internal errors during io error testingDarrick J. Wong
2022-09-04common: disable infinite IO error retry for EIO shutdown testsDarrick J. Wong
2022-09-04common/xfs: fix _reset_xfs_sysfs_error_handling reset to actual defaultsDarrick J. Wong
2022-09-04generic: test fsync after punching hole adjacent to an existing holeFilipe Manana
2022-09-04xfs: Check if a direct write can result in a false ENOSPC errorChandan Babu R
2022-09-04btrfs/271: use the common fail_request setup helpersChristoph Hellwig
2022-09-04btrfs/271: include common/fail_make_requestChristoph Hellwig
2022-09-04fstests: btrfs: test incremental send for changed reference pathsBingJing Chang
2022-09-04ext4/053: Remove nouser_xattr testYang Xu
2022-09-04ceph/004: fix the ceph.quota.max_bytes valuesXiubo Li
2022-08-20src/t_ofd_locks.c: Reset errno to zerov2022.08.21Yang Xu
2022-08-20fstests: add btrfs fs-verity send/recv testBoris Burkov
2022-08-20generic: test i_blocks for large filesPavel Reichl
2022-08-20fstests: add missing _require_scratchWang Yugui
2022-08-20fail_make_request: teach helpers about external devicesDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-20common: refactor fail_make_request boilerplateDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-20dmerror: support external log and realtime devicesDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-20common/ext4: provide custom ext4 scratch fs optionsDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-20common/rc: move XFS-specific parts of _scratch_options into common/xfsDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-20common/rc: move ext4-specific helpers into a separate common/ext4 fileDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-12xfs/{015,042,076}: fix mkfs failures with nrext64=1Darrick J. Wong
2022-08-06xfs: add memory failure test for partly-reflinked&dax filev2022.08.07Shiyang Ruan
2022-08-06xfs: add memory failure test for dax&reflink modeShiyang Ruan
2022-08-06xfs: add memory failure test for dax modeShiyang Ruan
2022-08-06generic: add tests for fscrypt policies with HCTR2Nathan Huckleberry
2022-08-06fscrypt-crypt-util: add HCTR2 implementationNathan Huckleberry
2022-08-06xfs/018: fix LARP testing for small block sizesDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-06xfs/533: fix false negatives for this testDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-06xfs/291: convert open-coded _scratch_xfs_repair usageDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-06xfs/432: fix this test when external devices are in useDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-06fstests: add more dmerror related test cases into eio groupZorro Lang
2022-07-31seek_sanity_test: use XFS ioctls to determine file allocation unit sizev2022.07.31Darrick J. Wong
2022-07-31common/rc: wait for udev before creating dm targetsDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-31dmlogwrites: skip generic tests when external logdev in useDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-31btrfs: add test case to make sure btrfs can handle one corrupted deviceQu Wenruo
2022-07-31btrfs/253: skip on zoned mode as we cannot change the chunk sizeNaohiro Aota
2022-07-31xfs/191: Add missing xfsprogs commitYang Xu
2022-07-31xfs: test mkfs.xfs whether terminate getsubopt arrays properlyYang Xu