AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-06fscrypt-crypt-util: add HCTR2 implementationNathan Huckleberry
2022-08-06xfs/018: fix LARP testing for small block sizesDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-06xfs/533: fix false negatives for this testDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-06xfs/291: convert open-coded _scratch_xfs_repair usageDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-06xfs/432: fix this test when external devices are in useDarrick J. Wong
2022-08-06fstests: add more dmerror related test cases into eio groupZorro Lang
2022-07-31seek_sanity_test: use XFS ioctls to determine file allocation unit sizev2022.07.31Darrick J. Wong
2022-07-31common/rc: wait for udev before creating dm targetsDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-31dmlogwrites: skip generic tests when external logdev in useDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-31btrfs: add test case to make sure btrfs can handle one corrupted deviceQu Wenruo
2022-07-31btrfs/253: skip on zoned mode as we cannot change the chunk sizeNaohiro Aota
2022-07-31xfs/191: Add missing xfsprogs commitYang Xu
2022-07-31xfs: test mkfs.xfs whether terminate getsubopt arrays properlyYang Xu
2022-07-31xfs: test xfs_db whether still can get corrupted field valueYang Xu
2022-07-31xfs/270: Fix syntax errorYang Xu
2022-07-31ext4: resize an ext4 which resize_inode feature is disabled but has reserved ...Sun Ke
2022-07-31ext4: set 256 blocks in a block group then apply io pressureSun Ke
2022-07-24report: add support for the xunit-quiet formatv2022.07.24Theodore Ts'o
2022-07-24ext4: add test for ext4 uuid get/set ioctls during fsstress.Jeremy Bongio
2022-07-24punch: skip fpunch tests when page size not congruent with file allocation unitDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-24filter: report data block mappings and od offsets in multiples of allocation ...Darrick J. Wong
2022-07-24punch: skip fpunch tests when op length not congruent with file allocation unitDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-24punch: use allocation unit to test punching holesDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-24misc: avoid tests encoding FIEMAP/BMAP golden output with weird file blocksizesDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-24misc: skip extent size hint tests when hint not congruent with file allocatio...Darrick J. Wong
2022-07-24misc: skip remap/fallocate tests when op length not congruent with file alloc...Darrick J. Wong
2022-07-24misc: use _get_file_block_size for block (re)mapping testsDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-24generic: test fs-verity EFBIG scenariosBoris Burkov
2022-07-24btrfs: test verity orphans with dmlogwritesBoris Burkov
2022-07-24btrfs: test btrfs specific fsverity corruptionBoris Burkov
2022-07-24common/verity: support btrfs in generic fsverity testsBoris Burkov
2022-07-24common/verity: require corruption functionalityBoris Burkov
2022-07-24generic/275: fix premature enospc errors when fs block size is largeDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-24btrfs/257: not run if we have compression enabledJosef Bacik
2022-07-24btrfs/270: fix uncompressed data from previously bad mirrorChristoph Hellwig
2022-07-09xfs/144: fix test mkfs.xfs sizing of internal logs that overflow the AGv2022.07.10Darrick J. Wong
2022-07-09xfs/547: fix problems with realtimeDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-09xfs: make sure that we handle empty xattr leaf blocks okDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-09xfs/288: skip repair -n when checking empty root leaf block behaviorDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-09btrfs: test raid1 write error handlingChristoph Hellwig
2022-07-09check: add -L <n> parameter to rerun failed testsDavid Disseldorp
2022-07-09check: append bad / notrun arrays in helper functionDavid Disseldorp
2022-07-09check: make a few variables localDavid Disseldorp
2022-07-09report: pass through most details as function parametersDavid Disseldorp
2022-07-09report: use array for REPORT_ENV_LISTDavid Disseldorp
2022-07-03xfs: test xfs_copy doesn't do cached read before libxfs_mountv2022.07.03Darrick J. Wong
2022-07-02xfs: test mkfs.xfs sizing of internal logs thatDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-02xfs/166: fix golden output failures when multipage folios enabledDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-02xfs/109: handle larger minimum filesystem sizeDarrick J. Wong
2022-07-02check: document mkfs.xfs reliance on fstests exportsDarrick J. Wong